The L’Anse Diaries: Day 2 Hangry

Three things make me an unbearable travel companion, and I was all three yesterday; hungry, hot, and tired.

I stayed up too late Friday night and inexplicably still woke at 5 am on Saturday morning.  I tried to drift back to sleep, but it was useless.  I accepted that I would be going on 4.5 hours of sleep for our second day of travel.

We took off from the campground around 8 am, drove over the bridge, and stopped at the Big Boy in St. Ignace.  Slowest.  Breakfast.  Ever.  I looked over at Colin and noticed that he looked filthy.

“Did you give the kids a bath yesterday?”

Mark made an apologetic face.  “I was really hoping you weren’t going to ask about that.”

“Seriously, what the heck DID you do yesterday?” amused at this point.

“Yeah, I pretty much zoned out for part of the day.”

At least he’s honest.  No excuses.  I like that.

We hit the road for real around 9:30 am.  I used the drive to write my blog from the day before.  And then I thought I should close my eyes and try to get some rest.  When I am very sleep-deprived, I can feel this heaviness around the bridge of my nose, like I am wearing heavy glasses, and I was definitely feeling it yesterday.

Every time I would start to doze off, the kids would yell or Mark would pass a car and the acceleration would wake me up, or Mark would start talking to me.  No sleep was to be had.

We picked up our rental pop-up camper in Escanaba.  The rental lady was showing me how to operate the camper and I knew I was not paying attention on account of the sleep deprivation.  I asked her if it was all written down somewhere.  She told me that it was not, but anyone could figure it out without a manual.  Clearly, she has never met someone like me before.

We were back on the road again and I was finally able to doze for a few.  When I woke up, we were nearly to L’Anse.  I love looking for all of my favorite landmarks on our ride in:  Canyon Falls, the Ford Estates, The Hilltop, and finally we were able to see the waterfront.  Instead of turning into town, towards Grandma Kitty’s, we continued on 41 to the Baraga State Park.

Over the next hour, we set up the pop-up camper for sleeping and a tent for clothing and supplies storage.   It went surprisingly well.  Mark and I have a history of being just knowledgeable enough to be dangerous, but not knowledgeable enough to be of any real use.  But yesterday, all went as best as can be expected.   I organized all of our supplies and clothing.  The whole time, our family was coming over to our site, welcoming us to the UP.

I was sweaty and I had not showered OR brushed my teeth that day.  In short, I was disgusting.
And soon I discovered that I was also hangry.  My kids actually know the definition of ‘hangry’ because it is a state that I get into all too often and leaves me unbearable to be around.  I cannot even stand myself when I am hangry.

After we set up camp, I finally took a shower and brushed my teeth and then very impatiently herded multiple family members to the Drive-In for a fast food dinner, as I was in no condition to be grocery shopping or cooking dinner.  After dinner, I was slightly more bearable to be around.  After my first rum and coke, tolerable even.  And then I realized that I drove 500 miles to sit around a campfire and drink with the same people I can sit around a bonfire and drink with at home.  But it is different somehow.

The kids were “challenging” at bedtime, but all in all, a good day.

Words are not adequate enough to describe the feelings of being back in L’Anse again.


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I always wanted to write the great American novel. I've come to the realization that that may not happen. Instead, I'm going to write about my life as a working mom to three boys. I figure in ten years, I won't remember what these days are like. I want to record my everyday victories and struggles.
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