Road Tripping Part Two

Second Leg:  Corbin, KY to Johns Creek, GA; 300 miles; drive time:   4 hours 30 minutes; expected drive time with three kids:  5 hours; actual drive time with 3 kids:  6 hours

Total trip time:   15 hours

I had thought that the first day of our trip had been significantly terrible due to excessive spring break traffic.  I figured that the fact that we are all early risers would work to our advantage for day 2.  I woke up at 4:30 am when I thought I heard someone knocking on our hotel door.  I briefly considered putting all the kids in the truck then, but while I was thinking about it, I must have dozed back off.  I woke at 6 am and got in the shower and by the time I got out, the kids were up and excited to finish our journey.  We dressed quickly and finished packing up and headed down for the continental breakfast where Colin sang to a room full of hotel guests, “My mom is so poopy, my mom is so poopy.”  It was all I could do to not bust out laughing.

7:30 am

On the road again.

Me:  “Tennessee is the BEST state to drive through.” (meaning the scenery)

Sullivan:  “Why, because it’s the shortest?”

Me:  “That, too.”

7:45 am

What a peaceful, glorious ride.  I love the view, the kids are quiet.  It is going to be a great day!

7:46 am

Shit!  I forgot how much I hate driving in the mountains.

8:00 am

The kids are so quiet, this is great.  We must have driven at least an hour by now, time to open a diet coke.  Nope, we’ve only been on the road 30 minutes.

8:30 am

Sullivan:   “Oh, look!  It’s three McDonald’s signs together!”

Me:  “No.”

Oh hey, I can open a diet coke now.  We’ll be in Georgia by 10 and then we’ll take a bathroom break.

8:35 am

Colin:  “Are we still in Tennessee?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Colin:  “I thought you said Tennessee was short!”

9:00 am

Brady:  “Are we still in Tennessee?”

9:25 am

Sullivan:  “When are we going to stop at McDonald’s?”

9:30 am

Traffic stops moving.  Google Maps tell me there is an 8 minutes delay.  Google Maps is a liar.

9:36 am

Sullivan:  “When are we going to be in Georgia?”

Me:  “Never.”

9:40 am

The kids play the echo game where they repeat each other.  Super fun.

9:56 am

Brady:  “When are we going to be in Georgia?”

10:00 am

Traffic finally starts moving again.  The 30 minute delay was caused by tree trimmers blocking one lane for approximately 20 yards.

Learn how to merge people!  I have to tell you, Tennessee, you have turned out to be very disappointing.

10:06 am

Sullivan:  “Are we still in Tennessee?”

10:17 am

Sullivan:  “Are we still in Tennessee?”

Me:  “For fifteen more minutes.”

Sullivan:  “Tennessee is NOT a short state.”


10:19 am

The kids begin playing the buzzer game where they ask a random question like “How much does your butt stink?” and no matter the answer that is given, they hit the buzzer on my phone and then say the “correct” answer, which is always something random like 652 million.

10:24 am

Colin:  “Mama, when we gonna be in Georgia?”

10:28 am

Georgia state line…finally!

10:38 am

We stop at McDonald’s for a really early lunch and to play for a few minutes.

10:45 am (while eating)

Sullivan:  “What are we having for dinner?”

11:30 am

We finally leave McDonald’s after several eventful trips to the bathroom.  The light is definitely at the end of the tunnel!

11:43 am

Brady:  “When are we going to be there?”

11:48 am

Sullivan:  “When are we going to be there?”

12:00 pm

Me:  “Look, guys, the soil here is so different from the soil at home.  It looks orange because it’s clay!”

Brady: “Cool, we have seen some really cool things on this trip!”
Me:  “I know, we would have missed all of this if we would have flown!”
Brady:  “Um…yeah, but we would have got there A LOT faster.”

12:05 pm

Sullivan:  “When are we going to be there?”

12:15 pm

Colin:  “When are we going to get to Auntie Lolo’s”

12:52 pm

Brady:  “Mom, can I just take a plane home with Luke and Erin?”

I wonder how much it would cost to hire someone to drive this truck home so we could all fly with Luke and Erin?

1:15 pm

Brady:  “How much longer?”

1:16 pm

Brady:  “ooooh, a power plant!  Mom, how do they generate energy at a power plant?”

Me:  “Let’s call Uncle Derek and ask him that?”

Brady:  “Mom, you know how electricity flows out of one prong on a plug, and back in the other one?  Where does it go?”

Is that how it really works?

Me:  “I’m pretty sure Uncle Derek or Uncle Luke could answer that for you.”

Sullivan:  “Mom, how do you make bricks?”

Me:  “I don’t know.”
Sullivan:  “Oh yeah, I think they make them out of clay.”

Me:  “That sounds right.”

1:25 pm

Brady:  “When are we going to be there?”

1:30 pm

We arrive.  Finally.

I am NEVER doing this again.  Except for in five days when we have to head home.  Unless I can pay someone to drive this truck home.

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I always wanted to write the great American novel. I've come to the realization that that may not happen. Instead, I'm going to write about my life as a working mom to three boys. I figure in ten years, I won't remember what these days are like. I want to record my everyday victories and struggles.
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