A Christmas Miracle

I called my mom a couple of days ago. “What do you need for Christmas dinner?” I asked.

“Gaaaaaaaah! Can we talk about this Friday?”


Today is my last day to get to the store. Sort of. Saturday and Sunday are crammed with cookie baking (read wine drinking) and a (miserably) long training run. I work Monday through Wednesday and still have wrapping and other projects to complete. So I attempted to combine shopping for contributions to four separate family Christmas parties, and my contribution to Brady’s Polar Express party, and ingredients for our traditional family breakfasts for Christmas Eve and Day, with my normal grocery shopping. So basically, lots of beer, butter, cheese, and refried beans. This was probably more daring than the time I combined school supply shopping with grocery shopping, but I only had one kid with me today.

Everything started smoothly. A case of beer fell off my cart a couple times, but it did not explode or anything. At one point, Colin, who is known for opening food items and throwing them out of the cart, grabbed a bag of goldfish crackers. I told him he could hold them as long as he did not open them. He put his head down real low until I was out of his eyesight and them he tried to open them in plain view. I seriously love how they think you cannot see them if they cannot see you. I took the crackers away. He cried. We repeated this process no less than 12 times, which I believe is the definition of insanity.

We wrapped up all the food shopping, with only one trip back through the aisles to retrieve the french fried onions for cheesy potatoes. We headed to the Christmas section to find “27 cute holiday hot/cold cups” for Brady’s Polar Express party at school. I had to cruise the aisles twice before I found any cups and, unfortunately, they were plain paper cups, not hot/cold. I was about to give up and admit defeat when I saw a package of 10 hot/cold cups haphazardly placed on the shelf. It was the only package.

I considered buying them and then driving to another Meijer to buy more, but I nixed that plan. Our room mother is everything that I am not. On the Pinteresting scale, we are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum. I do not get the impression that she is the type to send out invitations in over-sized fluorescent envelopes. I am sure her elf is not as lazy as mine, moving from stocking to stocking every other day or so. And I do not think that she would appreciate a hodge podge of cups that did not match (assuming that I would not find the same cups at another store.)

And then I saw another package of the same cups, a couple of shelves down. I swear they were not there when I first looked. I was up to 20 cups. I briefly wondered if seven kids might be absent on December 23. But still, no, 20 cups would not do.

And then, a true Christmas miracle occurred. I spotted another package of the same cups just 3 feet down the aisle. I had passed by them at least four times and had not seen them. Like the loaves and fishes, my 10 cups became 30 matching and cute holiday cups and my heart filled with joy. I even shouted, “Thank you sweet baby Jesus!” I could hardly contain my excitement at avoiding another trip to the store.

And in the last six days of craziness, I wish you all extraordinary blessings in your mad dash to pull off another wonderful holiday. God bless us, everyone.


About jillo31

I always wanted to write the great American novel. I've come to the realization that that may not happen. Instead, I'm going to write about my life as a working mom to three boys. I figure in ten years, I won't remember what these days are like. I want to record my everyday victories and struggles.
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